From: Skybuck Flying on

I think Terry Newton was running Ubuntu ?!?

It seems Ubuntu is available for UltraSparc T1 (older processor/model but
should be good too):

Is this a coincidence... ? and is Terry Newton lucky ?! ;) :)

Or is there more too it ?! ;) :)

Is he secretly running his evolvers on sparc systems ?! LOL.

Am I on to him... ? did I uncover his dirty little secret ?! LOL ;) :)

Hmmm =D

Skybuck ;) :)

From: Skybuck Flying on
UltraSparc 2 seems to run quite hot though, or is this misleading... and
since when do intel cpu's run at 35 degrees without a heatsink ?

Hmmm... most odd:


From: Skybuck Flying on

This guy says in the comments, ultrasparc hum a lot:

Probably because they get so hot...

I don't like noisy computers ! =D

Skybuck ;) :)

From: Skybuck Flying on
Hmm interesting,

There seemed to be an issue with some of them all the way back in 2001,

The computer for sale might actually have that problem.. ouchy ! ;) :)


From: Terry Newton on
On Mar 20, 9:08 pm, "Skybuck Flying" <IntoTheFut...(a)>
> I think Terry Newton was running Ubuntu ?!?

Still do. Mainly for convenience, for what I do
just about any distro will do but Ubuntu is well supported.

> Is he secretly running his evolvers on sparc systems ?! LOL.

I know nothing about sparc. I want a multi (x86) core
"personal" Cray. Not the most advanced architecture but
being able to run existing apps mostly or completely as-is
is very attractive. Maybe I'll get lucky.... in the mean time
I just use FreeBasic (or Blassic) on a plain old single-core
PC or one of my netbooks. Time permitting, these days
I'm quite busy with electronics.

> Am I on to him...

Ok you've got me, I've got a cluster in the closet ;-)

Seriously though, more processors does not increase the
quality of evolved things by itself, it only makes it faster to
reach the optimum determined by the algorithm and settings.
For nano a single modest CPU peaks in a day or two, after
that there is little or no improvement. Where multiprocessing
can really help is finding the right code and settings faster
without having to wait a day to find out the run is a dud.

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