From: Yagyesh Sharma on
Thank you both Andy and Smlunatick!
As Andy suggested, deleting, and recreating the partition in Disk
Management, worked. I am now able to format the 55GB partition.
Thanks a ton!

"Yagyesh Sharma" wrote:

> I have few Desktop Computers in our office running Windows XP SP3, in which I
> am not able to format a partition of the same disk on which Windows XP is
> also installed on the partition.
> Notes:-
> 1. The computers are Lenovo ThinkCentre machines, M/T: 8985-A23, and out of
> warranty.
> 2. I have partitioned, and then formatted them newly.
> 3. In total, I created 2 partitions while installing XP on them (20GB, and
> 55GB).
> 4. Then I installed XP on the 20GB partition formatting it with the NTFS
> file system.
> 5. All the computers are running updated Symantec EndPoint Protection
> anti-virus.
> Problem: I am not able to format the 55GB partition.
> Messages:-
> 1. While trying to format the partition from "Disk Management" under
> "Computer Management," I get the following message,
> "The volume (D:) Logical drive is currenly in use. To force the format of
> this volume, click Yes.
> Warning: Forcing a format might cause unexpected errors in the application
> that is using this volume. Do you want to continue?"
> 2. Upon choosing 'Yes' for the above, I get the following message from the
> 'Logical Disk Manager',
> "The request cannot be completed because the volume is open or in use."
> 3. If I open the Explorer Window, and double click the D: volume, I get the
> following message:-
> "D:\ is not accessible.
> The parameter is incorrect."
> What I have tried:-
> 1. I used "Sysinternals Process Explorer" to see which process is using the
> partition "D:/". But strangely, there was none!
> 2. CHKDSK D: /F /R /X
> The message returned by the command is:-
> "The tpe of the file system is RAW.
> CHKDSK is not available for RAW drives."
> Requests:-
> 1. Could you please help in solving the problem?
> 2. Could you suggest the reason for the problem?
> 3. Is there any other way than the "Sysinternals Process Explorer" to see
> which process is using the partition as suggested by the messages from the
> operating system?
> Many thanks in advance for your precious time, and help!
> Regards,
> Yagyesh
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