From: basso profondo on
Thanks Andy,

I should have mentioned that I am explicitly calling the Set_Enabled and
Get_Enabled macros.
For some reason the onAction callback for the gallery is not getting called
in my case.
From some testing, this is what I deduce on how the getEnabled callbacks are
called for the different buttons.
(1) For the button outside the gallery it gets called when the ribbon is
invalidated (Happens properly on my Excel)
(2) For the button embedded in the gallery it gets called when the gallery
is expanded. In my case the issue seems to be that the callback is called
only on the first expansion of the gallery. It is not called thereafter.
Seems to be a systematic issue.
Also, the gallery onAction callback not being called is a little strange. I
am possibly going wrong somewhere, but I would rather concentrate on (2)
If it is possible could you test it on your side?