From: BIM_Instructor on
I am using PowePoint 2003 and I have a similiar problem to one posted by
Roman Valoria in 2008. Some speaker notes do not appear when I use
Presenter View. It is not true for all note pages, just some. Whenever the
notes do not appear, the slide number appears in the upper left had corner of
the notes area in Presenter View. I tried doing what Roman had suggested,
but when I go to Note View, I just see the notes. The page number does not
appear. Has anyone else dealt with this before?
From: John Woram on
If the notes don't show up when you view the Notes Page, try the following:
1. Click below the image to highlight the text area box.
2. Click near the top of the space where the notes are supposed to appear.
If you see the notes, then on the Formatting toolbar, note the Font Color
(letter "A" with color bar below it, down arrow to the immediate right).
Maybe the color is white. If so, select all of the note and change color to