From: Brad Pears on
We have a Windows 2000 small bus server running exchange 2000.

I had to disable a user's profile last Friday. To do this I selected the
user's profile, right-clicked and selected "Disable". Today I was asked to
reinstate this user, so went back into the user profile, right-clicked and
selected "enable".

The user can login to our domain no probs BUT when they launch Outlook, they
are getting the followig error... "unable to start processing
services. You do not have permission to log on."

ANyone attempting to send this user an email is getting an NDR indicating
that "delivery was refused".

I have not rebooted the server yet and would like to try to find a solution
before I have to do this. I have disabled and enabled a user many times in
the past with no issues. I am not sure why this has all of a sudden cropped

Does anyone know what might be going on here and what a possible resolution
might be?

Thanks, Brad