From: EarlCPhillips on
I have a form "frmAllSchedule" which displays volunteer scheduling records in
datasheet format. The query fetching the data has a parameter to fetch the
date from a secondary form ([Forms].[frmProjForm].[txtDate]) and the code from
the main form ([Forms].[frmMain].[cboActivity]). If "frmAllSchedule" is
launched directly from the Database Window, the user can enter the date and
into prompts. Each line of "frmAllSchedule" is then updatable. If, however,
form frmMain is launched first, then "frmProjForm" is then launched, and
then a specific date from within frmProjForm is clicked on , the resulting
"frmAllSchedule" is not updatable.

Why does the same form using the same query to select data allow updating data
when launched directly from the Database Window and prevent updating data when
launched from a secondary form within the application?

Any help is appreciated. It will speed up scheduling volunteers at the food
bank when they call in to help.

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