From: JimLad on
..NET 3.5


I have a series of dynamically generated textboxes. Each textbox
represents a single row in a database (element based datastructure for
non-standard data). I have successfully managed to update only changed
textboxes on postback by handling the TextChanged event on each one.

I now have a requirement to make these changes transactional and I
can't see how to do it.

I now want to handle the updates of all changed data in the click
event of the Submit button, but I don't know how to access the
TextChanged information from another event. can anyone help?

Is there a way to:
a) From the click event, access a list of all other events firing on
this postback.
b) some way of doing a manual TextChanged equivalent by comparing
ViewState values to Posted values. I have hit a brick wall with this
due to TextBox.ViewState being Protected and unaccessible from the
click event.

I can't be the only person ever to need this, so I'm clearly being
thick. How do I do it?