From: Leo on
I was using Allen Browne's module to update values from previous record. The
entire code could be viewed at the following address:

It updates every field. You can exclude the fields that you
don't want to be updated by naming them in the before insert event of the
form. When the forms have too many controls
(Yes I know it is a bad idea to have that many in one form!) and only a few
need to be carried over, I did not want to have a unmanageably long list
of controls to be excluded. At the suggestion of "BruceM" I did the
following as he suggested:
If Not bSkip Then
If bSkip Then

And then I did not do anything further with the codes in the module. But as
codes are intended, in the before insert event of the form I named in the
exclusion list all the controls that I wanted to be included! It worked like
a charm!

Now the question: Does anyone foresee any problem down the line.

Any help will be appreciated

Thanking you