From: Joe Granto on
I have installed IIS on Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. I then installed
UrlScan 3.1 64bit on it. The problem I am having is that UrlScan does
not seem to be enabled.

All the files are installed correctly, it is just that IIS does not
seem to know to use it. I am familiar with UrlScan 2.5 on Windows XP,
and have modified the new urlscan.ini to match the settings I want.
But again, UrlScan does not seem to get loaded or initialized.

I know this is the case because of 2 things:
1. I can load files not specified by UseAllowVerbs and AllowVerbs.
2. There is no UrlScan log file ANYWHERE on the system that shows that
UrlScan is loaded an operating. I have tried configuring
LoggingDirectory and have verified logging is enabled. There is no log
because UrlScan is not loading. Those familiar with UrlScan know that
when it loads, it writes an initialization to the log, along with the
settings it is using.

All the documentation on UrlScan 3.1 makes it SEEM that it should work
on Windows 7 (it is not specifically listed, but Vista is listed).
UrlScan 2.5 will not install on Windows 7, btw.

What else do I need to do to get UrlScan 3.1 working with IIS on
Windows 7? I know there has to be something simple I am missing.