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"Tony Toews [MVP]" <ttoews(a)> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> DanS <t.h.i.s.n.t.h.a.t(a)r.o.a.d.r.u.n.n.e.r.c.o.m> wrote:
>>I have always used INI files as a way to store program settings. This INI
>>file was always stored in the app install directory.
>>Would it be better to use an INI file stored in the COMMON_APP_DATA folder
>>or just continue to use the registry via SaveSetting/GetSetting ?
> I'm pretty sure, but not 100% positives, that COMMON_APP_DATA isn't
> updatable by regular users in Windows Vista and newer. It is
> updatable by admins or install routines which run under admin
> privileges.
> Tony

AFAIK, in Vista COMMON_APP_DATA is updatable but only by the user
who created the file. You could create a subfolder during setup of your app
and set it's permissions to read/write/change for all users. Another problem
with COMMON_APP_DATA: it's a hidden folder and not visible for users
over the network. So don't store a database there.
For Vista better use COMMON_DOCUMENTS instead.