From: Manmohan on

Hi all,

I would like to incorporate into my design a VGA controller . For this
purpose, I am planning to use the Xilinx XPS TFT controller IP which
has the VGA signals included in it. However, the issue is this IP has
6 bit width for each of the three colour components . However, the
normal VGA port uses only one bit for this.
I would like to know if it is possible to interface this IP to the
normal VGA port using only one bit of the color components.?

Or any good places where I could search for a VGA controller IP for
this board?
Thanks and Regards

From: Eric Smith on
The color signals for VGA are analog, not digital. Ordinarily you
would run each six-bit color components into a six-bit DAC and
amplifier to drive the VGA color signal. If you only want eight
colors (including black and white), then you can use just one bit of
each color; that's what some low-cost FPGA eval boards do.

Finding a different VGA controller IP block isn't going to solve this