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Hello everyone,

I've been using an old 84-key IBM AT keyboard with my Linux boxes for a
decade. It hasn't been directly supported in X configurations for as
long as I've been using Linux. All the keys that exist on the keyboard
give me the characters that are marked on them except backslash (\),
which gives me the grave quote (`).

I have a nasty bodge to clear this up at the moment - an .xsession
script includes a call to xkbcomp, which loads a keymap file I've
already tinkered with. That puts the backslash back on the backslash
key (that X thinks is a grave) and lets the grave live on shift-escape,
for want of a better home. It only loads on login.

What's the proper way to do this? In XFree86 I managed to create a -
still bodged - new set of keyboard definition files for 84 key
keyboards, that worked, but when I tried doing a similar thing in XOrg
my edits were completely ignored. The process of creating one's own
keyboard layout, or heavily modifying the existing ones, doesn't appear
to be documented anywhere I've looked so far.

Damian -
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