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Nomen Nescio expounded in

> Warren <ve3wwg(a)> wrote:
>> It just occurred to me that there was some sort
>> of Ada binding in ncurses IIRC. Has anyone here
>> had any experience with it? Maybe that would
>> circumvent this main program annoyance among other
>> things.
> I have used it and I was very impressed with it, Juergen did a bang-up
> job in my opinion. It's not completely faithful to ncurses in that
> some of the functions are implemented (and work) very differently, but
> I think, better, than the C version. Definitely worth trying.

I would certainly consider using it in future
projects. However, with my current project I had already
done a thick binding with a thin C layer underneath. The
idea behind that was so that I could still use another
implementation of curses (like HP's) without seeing changes
in the constants etc. (like attribute bit definitions).

But having said that, perhaps that was already addressed.
More research (for me) on that is definitely in order.