From: Man-wai Chang to The Door (24000bps) on
> However, I am looking for a stand-alone utility that can do the same
> thing.
> Which is, taking an ISO-image file on the hard disk, and verify it
> with a CD (or DVD) that is inside a CD/DVD drive.

If the source is an ISO image (or other image formats), you could use
ImgBurn to burn+verify.

If the source is a set of folders+files, I am using TreeComp.

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From: Ilya Zakharevich on
On 2010-02-18, Penang <kalambong(a)> wrote:
> I do know about the "FC" command and do use it frequently.
> However, FC is only used for comparing FILE to FILE.


> What I am looking for is a utility that can compare an ISO image file
> (xyz.ISO) to a burned CD/DVD based on the same ISO image file.

"A burned CD/DVD" *is* a file. At least on reasonable OSes. E.g.,
did you try \\.\M: ? If Windows does not support this, one can just
make an ISO image from the disk, and use FC (or diff).

Hope this helps,

P.S. In my experience, byte-per-byte comparison is not relevant. At
least, I never saw a disk which could be read byte-per-byte, but
the result would differ from what it is supposed to be. Disks
with some unreadable sectors - a plenty (a hundred?); but if
fully readable, then correct.