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"David" <berger.david(a)> wrote in message
> On Apr 8, 10:35 pm, "Dirk Goldgar"
> <d...(a)> wrote:
>> Well, you can simplify the code a whole lot more, and see if that makes
>> the
>> error go away. This all by itself ought to work:
>> '------ start of suggested code ------
>> Private Sub Combo20_AfterUpdate()
>> Me.Recordset.FindFirst "[Lname] = '" & Me![Combo20] & "'"
>> End Sub
>> '------ end of suggested code ------
> That takes away the error, but also removed all the functionality.
> The dropdown previously populated a subform, but now it doesn't. I
> can only assume thje bookmark functionality was being referred to to
> do that.

That doesn't make any sense at all. Population of a subform doesn't depend
on the bookmark property in any way. We need to step back and see what else
is going on.

When you say the functionality has been removed, do you mean that the form
doesn't find the record?

What are these properties of the combo box:

Row Source?
Column Count?
Bound Column?
Column Widths?

What is this subform you mentioned? What are its Link Master Fields and
Link Child Fields properties?

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