From: Paul on
When I work with Journal entries, I have the timer running, make
notes, and frequently press Ctrl-S to save. However, slippery fingers
often hit Ctrl-D instead, which deletes the item (I'm not sure if the
even updates the time or the notes). When that happens, I go hunting
in the Delete bin to fish it back out and resume.

It is, how shall I say it...nonideal.

I've posted about this in:

Idea: Bind the Ctrl-D key to a do-nothing macro, thus overriding the
deletion behaviour. However, the deletion behaviour only occurs when
the focus is on the header area, according to the 2nd thread above.
This would imply that somehow, the finger slippage caused focus to
shift from note entry to the headers. I don't get any request to
confirm deletion, so I blame it all on finger slippage, somehow (it's
the only explanation I can think of).

I would like to ensure that Ctrl-D is only overridden when it normally
maps to Delete. Is there a way to do this?

If not, I'll take the next best option: Map Ctrl-D to do-nothing
across the board.

Not having much VBA experience, and especially not in Outlook, I
started by reviewing the only VBA macro I ever scarfed for Outlook:

So I can paste code in the editor, I can scheme about have an empty
Sub/End-Sub block of code for doing nothing, and I can experiement
with the Private statement to see which works (the Help was
indecipherable to me). Anything else I'm missing? In particular,
anyway to ensure that the macro binding to Ctrl-D only takes effect
when Ctrl-D normally maps to Delete?

I'm using Outlook 2003 on Windows XP.