From: Rich P on
Thank you again for your reply. Here is the post where I originally got
the code sample:

Re: 10 random numbers from 0 to 20
From: kndg
Date Posted: 6/15/2010 8:55:00 PM

Which appears is your code. Thank you for sharing that sample with this
NG. I copied everything exactly is it was posted. But my console
application is complaining, and my goal is to learn/gain more
understanding of C# by trying to get this to work. And this is a great
sample for that learning. I hope I can get your code to work because it
looks real cool and very useful.


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From: kndg on
After re-read back all my replies to you using that website, I couldn't
stop laughing. Hahaha... I said copy exactly - but you did copied
exactly. The other said use the correct casing - but what you saw is all
in lowercase. Hahaha... Its realy really make your life difficult. Maybe
you should file a complaint to that website.
From: Rich P on
OK. Now I have it straight, and your sample code works perfectly! Many
thanks. This was a great lesson on generics and casing. It was
humbling, but a great lesson!


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