From: Shannon on
I have built a design with PR flow 9.2 using bus macros. The dynamic
reconfiguration works using Impact and downloading the partial
I have connected the Virtex 4 ICAP port to the LEON3 processor
through the AMBA APB bus.
I would like to perform partial reconfiguration through ICAP.
I have a C software running on LEON 3 wich writes the partial
onto ICAP.
The partial bitstream file has been trimmed in order to start with
FFFFFFFF dword (the header has been cut off) and
included in the executable as a integer array.
The software write all the dwords of the bitstream on the ICAP, but
the virtex 4 seems to be not reconfigured as it happens
with Impact.
I also download 4 NOP packets after the bitstream but it doesn't
change anything.
Any suggestion?