From: mike on
I started programming a Virtual Mouse Driver to simulate mouse inputs. I
used to hidfake example from Walter Oney's Book as a start. I Changed the
Report Descriptor and the installed Microsoft's HID compatible Mouse drivers
for the device and was able the simulate inputs by replying the corresponding
Reports to the Read Report Request. My Problem is now, how to communicate
with the driver from user mode, since I can't use DeviceIOControl because
windows won't allow this for a mouse driver, I figured I should use
HidD_SetFeature, I added the corresponding parts to the Report Descriptor,
but HidD_SetFeature keeps failing and last error returns error code 23. I
used windbg to get the debug messages, but it seems the driver isn't even
receiving the IOCTL_HID_SET_FEATURE. What am I doing wrong? Would be very
nice, If someone could help...