From: Guido Stepken on
There are funny things going on in the computing scene. The GUI's and
their 'usability look, feel' seem to change.

Please have a look at this GUI first, enjoy!

Isn't that pure beauty? Can u imagine to have such a IDE, yes, even
(database) application?

Then look at your old fashioned IDE. Overloaded with little symbols,
functionality. For a professional programmer, ok, functionality is
speed. For a beginner, it's horror.

How can you gain market shares in future? Win back old customers, extend
your business?

Apple shows, how important "beauty" of GUI's (without having to miss
functionality) really is. Have a look at iWorks. Same concept like

It's the beauty of simplicity that rises acceptance enormously. I am
stressed by these overloaded IDE's GUI's. Not really helpful to find
into the mental model behind a programming language, the concept of IDE.

I promise, that nobody in very soon future is willing to use that old
fashioned GUI stuff any longer.

Therein lies a big chance to gain new market shares. Did you notice,
that "usability companies" are exploding around the globe?

The first company, that will be able to offer such a "innovative" GUI,
will win the race.

And - have a look at 'palm pre' and 'android', 'GoogleOS' those little
GUI's for pocket computers. Their "look and feel" is beauty and many
companies see that, offer that functionality and "look and feel" for
desktop computing. OpenGL Hardware behind. It's cheap. See TI OMAP chip.

Have you already seen FLUX Library for OpenGL GUI? No? See here:

In very soon future i see a 32bit renaissance. Browser OS, OpenGL
built-in. A new standard coming up. No - no more GUI/OS wars!

I see Javascript as "new mainstream programming language". A de facto
standard already. Nobody sees, that Javascript is in reality SMALLTALK!
Yes! Same mental models there behind! Even a ST2JS - Translator is

Means - new way's of interactivity, easy to do, even by non-programmers,
e.g. (sorry german, but functionality, that counts!):

Smalltalk - by design, due to its flexibility - will play a huge role in
future gui's, IMHO. The frontier between programmers and users will
simply disappear!

So IDE's and GUI's of the past, overloaded with functionality, ugly,
rectangular 'static', 'unanimated' windows, 'pull down menu's' - that
stuff all will disappear in very near future. In 2-3 years, i think.

And - it's a new chance expecially for the Smalltalk language to start
off! Squeak Etoys was the first GUI, where non-programmers, yes, even
children could 'programm', do funny things in their mother language. No
need to learn any 'programming language'. Strange, isn't it?

Microsoft .NET - the former "Standard" - C#, C++, win32, win64, SQL
databases - lightyears crawling behind.

"This is the end, my friend" :-)

Have fun, Guido Stepken