From: Anteaus on
To gain access you probably need to take ownership of the folder-tree. If
using XP Home this is tricky as the controls are only accessible in safe
mode. In Pro you need to turn off Simple File Sharing.

A better alternative, get and build a copy of BartPE or UBCDWin.

"Jordan" wrote:

> I need to remove a virus from a Vista computer that is in
> C:\Users\Username\Local Settings\Temp. The AV on the computer stinks and
> the virus hides itself from Vista (rootkit). If it were an XP drive I would
> just remove it and attach it as a secondary drive on a good computer and
> scan it with my AV and manually remove any problems, but I cannot get into
> the Users Local Settings subfolders even as the Admin on the XP computer.
> When I go to D:\Users\~Username~\Local Settings I get "Access Denied". When
> I try to look at the security for the folder to temporarily add myself, the
> security tab is missing. Even though my AV protection runs as the System
> account, that can't even get into those folders.
> I don't want to mess up the entire security of the drive or user profile, so
> what would be the way to get access to these folders from my XP machine?
> .