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> The link should be here:
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"The link"? What link?
And what good does it do to backup an INFECTED OS? It's a useless effort at
this point unless you've thought of some clever way to clean it.



> hth
> LD5SZRA wrote:
>> Berg wrote:
>>> Windows XP Upon turning on my desktop Microsoft Windows
>>> Defender was flooding my screen. I could not close any
>>> of the windows and I could not open McAfee to find out
>>> why these pop-ups were on my screen. I shut down and
>>> waited a reasonable amount of time, turned on my computer
>>> again and then I didn't have McAfee. When I try to open
>>> files I receive either "C:/Windows/System32/rundll32.exe
>>> Application not found" or I'm asked which program I'd
>>> like to use to open it. If I choose something I receive
>>> "The item you selected is unavailable. It might have been
>>> moved,etc. etc. I have been online to various microsoft
>>> customer support sites, forum, this support. I'm
>>> exhausted trying to erradicate this issue. Can someone
>>> please help me!? Thanks
>> Please download a rescue CD from here using any healthy
>> system available to you because you need to create a
>> boot-up CD and download definitions updates on a USB flash
>> drive to enable you to boot your system using Knoppix (a
>> derivative of Linux). If you have internet access then
>> clearly you don't need to download any definition updates
>> because the CD can use the online version securely. I am amazed Pig-Bear
>> hasn't told you yet to scan your
>> system with ALL available anti-virus programs so that you
>> spend about 1 month fixing your system My method will
>> take you about an hour to scan your system. hth