From: Olaf Rabbachin on

Lloyd Sheen wrote:

> This is beyond ... (fill in the blank). For what I think should be such a
> simple thing is now into its 3rd day. I really don't get this layout stuff
> at all. It is so counter intutive that it is just about useless.

I must admit that, from your XAML, I don't see the problem either (and I've
read through all of it), but that might be because I don't know exactly
what is behind <app:FolderList/>.

>>> <ColumnDefinition Width="10*"></ColumnDefinition>

Also: have you tried changing that to "*" only?

Do you have a sample solution that illustrates the problem?

Not that I'm a WPF-pro (I've actually started digging into WPF less than
two months ago), but I'd sure give it a try.
I'm in the same boat - not so much regarding WPF, but rather with the
combination of WPF and EF - pretty steep learning curve, I'd say ...