From: Albert on
>Hi all,
>Sometimes when I turn my P5Q PRO TURBO on or reboot it will hang up in
>the first window and the only way I can get it to continue booting up
>is to press the reset button. That particular window comes up twice
>in the rebooting sequence under a normal boot or reboot. Is there a
>remedy. Description of system below.


I "think" I have found what is causing the above problem. At least it
seems to have corrected it for the last three days.

I have a 4 hole USB hub on which I had; 1-Microsoft wireless mouse,
1-USB floppy drive, 1-SanDisk card reader and 1-Logitech camera
attached. When the first window comes up all the USB ports become
active simultaneously.

As an experiment I unplugged the camera and since doing so I have not
had the problem of hanging in the first window at least for the last
three days. Previously it had been hanging up almost every time I
started/restarted the computer.

If I don't repost anything to the contrary than this was the problem.

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