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PRR wrote:

> OK thanks. I was thinking about putting these links on the quick
> launch bar, or a customized toolbar. I'd rather not have them on the
> desktop, as these are for a young person who can easily locate and
> click on the Start button; I'm not sure I want them minimizing every
> window just to see the desktop.... But thanks for the information
> about not being able to stop them from expanding.

Not sure exactly what you want to accomplish, but if you share
the machine with a another person but don't want that person to
accidentally see something under "Start Menu:All Programs:", and
assuming you have different user-accounts on the machine, then:

move the folder in question from
"%AllUsersProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\"
to your own profile
"%UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\"

(and copies to other user-accounts you want to see the folder)

Nah-ah. I'm staying out of this. ... Now, here's my opinion.

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