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> As noted in a later post by nntp(a), they plan to phase out the
> newsgroups in favor of online forums. I suspect, given that plan, that
> maintenance of the web interface to newsgroups is not high on anyone's
> priority list.
> If I were managing that function, I'd be devoting most (the vast majority
> of) my resources to the new work.
> Larry Linson
> Microsoft Office Access MVP
> "Daniel" <d_xxxx(a)> wrote in message
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>> Once again the web interface is down!
>> Can someone please tell me why it is so hard to keep a simple web
>> interface (which never changes) up and running. I am now truly starting
>> to understand why people have been migrating over to alternate forums.
>> It is sad when Microsoft themselves don't have any interest in keeping
>> forums functional which promote their own products.
>> And yes, I know one can use a newsreader..., but as demonstarted on a
>> regular basis, there are still a great number of users who use the web
>> interface.
>> Daniel Pineault