From: Drora on
I run XP PRO + SP3.
Over the years I bought three webcams but each time I move to a faster
Window operating system, my cams become obsolete as I can't get an update
of the drivers to the cam program.That's when I go buy the new one.

The last one I bought is an expensive INTEL with many bells and whistles + a
large sophisticated program ro run it but this Cam too is going to the bin
for the same reasons, not to mention the obsolete INTEL program left on my

I want to download one of the free available Camera programs and use it with
any of the cams I already have. All 3 Cams have USB plugs, but when
plugging them into a USB port somewhow windows recognize only one of them,
the INTEL one,
and it shows it on the MY COMPUTER page, and I can open it and look into my
On plugging the others cameras window tells me it found a USB new hardware
but doesn't
register it on the MY COMPUTER.

Apparently the Camera itself must have something in it, like those little
memory sticks (Firefly) that makes windows recognize them quickly and open
them but I really don't know much about this topic.

If any one know something on this topic I'll be gratefull for your help and
Many thanks

From: njem on
You may be dealing with two pieces of software, the driver and the
program. All it needs to show up as recognized by the system is a
driver. Windows has a lot of drivers built into it. It probably auto-
recognizes the Intel camera but doesn't know about the others without
loading a driver. You may be able to just load the driver for those
even if the programs for using the cameras aren't current. Some
hardware isn't compatible even on the driver level with Vista or W7 so
some cameras may never work. If the Intel one is recognized then all's
well. You should be able to use any program that then uses the camera,
skype or anything else, and it should find the camera just like
windows does and be able to use it.