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"Eduardo" <mm(a)> wrote in message news:h9e7s1$l0c$1(a)

>> Are you sure that Body.ScrollTop = Value doesn't work?
> Very sure.
> For some pages it works, for other ones, it doesn't.
> For example for But for
> it works.

Right. I tried replacing iBody.setExpression with your original
iBody.ScrollTop last night and I tested it with a number of different web
pages and it worked fine. I actually thought that one of those pages was but I've just tried the same thing again this morning and
it does not work on that page and in fact produces the very same incorrect
output that I reported a couple of days ago was being returned by your
original multiple bitmap code. Mind you, it was quite late in the evening
for me when I restested iBody.ScrollTop and when I thought it was producing
the correct result on that page ;-)