From: Ast Jay on
Wow! Thank you all for such a fast response - I am shocked as I wasn't
expecting replies so soon!

Also apologies as I forgot to take out the 'first_letter' variable. The
code was actually part of a bigger block to create a word based on
exactly what I want - a first_letter, middle_letters, and an end_letter.
I just tried to keep it simple when I posted here and forgot to clean
that bit out.

BIG thank you for all that helped - it looks easy when someone else
gives you the code :-) I ended up using Aldric's code:

def create_word
# code block here to construct a random word to my exact spec

list = []
1000.times { list << create_word }

puts list

Once again a huge thank you - the Ruby community really rocks! I also
appreciate the kind words of encouragement - I really did feel stupid
posting this as the answer just seemed so obvious *blush*.

I just hope I am as good as you guys one day!

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