From: jj on
What's the deal with Eudora's choice of files or folders to open when
I click on Attach File?

Let's say I want to attach 10 photos (or more than Eudora will attach
at any one time). If I click on Attach File, Eudora opens to whatever
the last folder was I attached from. So, I navigate up to a different
folder, the one where my photos reside. I highlight five of them and
attach them to the e-mail. That closes down the Attach File window.
When I re-open it to get the next five photos, it's no longer at the
folder I want. It's defaulted back to the previous folder setting.

That makes for all kinds of additional nuisance clicking. Why doesn't
Eudora stay where I left it when I'm actively working from that

From: John H Meyers on
> ...when I click on Attach File...

You can open the "containing folder" in Windows instead,
and drag the files to the message being composed.

You can also create "Windows shortcuts" to any of your favorite folders,
for instant opening of those folders.