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> >> Quoth Peng Yu <pengyu...(a)>:
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> >> > I know $NR is the same as $INPUT_LINE_NUMBER. But I'm wondering what N
> >> > and R in NR stand for.
> >>
> >> > I think R might stand for numbeR? Does N stand for iNput or liNe?
> >>
> >> I presume you are using the English module? I would recommend against
> >> it. Quite apart from the minor performance penalty (which can be avoided
> >> with newer versions of English) the puncuation names are much more
> >> familiar to most Perl programmers.
> >>
> >> Ben
> s> I believe if the record separator is '\n', and which is by default,
> s> then NR would be same as number of lines. However, if we set the
> s> record separator or delimiter as some other character, then value of
> s> NR might be different.
> s> Please correct me if I am wrong.
>the name is Number of Records. a line is only a record if \n is the
>value of $/.

But a record is not dependent upon a newline, therefore the value of
$/ is just a line separator in the menutia of file i/o and nothing else.