From: Andy O'Neill on

"Mr. Arnold" <No(a)> wrote in message
> The new boy on the block that I want to get a hold of is WCF RIA services
> using EF and DomainDataSource.

I've used
Hopefully wcf ria will be better.

From: Arne Vajhøj on
On 26-03-2010 14:58, Mr. Arnold wrote:
> "Gregory A. Beamer" wrote:
>> I would be more inclined to look at EF (which can be used with LINQ in the
>> middle tier) or even custom models with a Repository pattern.
> Yes, this is the direction to go EF becuase it's an Enterprise solution.

I agree that EF is the way to go.

But I will note that "Enterprise" typical just means expensive.

From: Arne Vajhøj on
On 26-03-2010 06:08, Paul wrote:
> It seems that the DataContext is not allowed to work in memory and
> insert all changes made to the database until the end.
> I think to work in memory dataset is better, right?

I would avoid DataSet.

If you need something primitive the use Command & Reader.

If you need something advanced, then use an ORM.

If one ORM does not provide what you need then find
another one. There are multiple to chose from.

In general you should go for LINQ to EF not LINQ to SQL.
LINQ to EF seems to be what MS will evolve moving forward.