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i did a google and came up with

In an application compiled with Microsoft FORTRAN, when the user
responds to a keyboard READ statement with a CTRL+Z character,
subsequent READ statements do not pause for input or the run-time
library generates the following message:
run-time error F6501: READ(CON)
- end of file encountered



When the user enters a CTRL+Z character to signify the end-of-file
(EOF) condition, the run-time library sets an internal variable to
indicate that the EOF has occurred. This variable remains set until the
application executes a PRINT or WRITE statement. When the READ
statement includes the END modifier and the internal EOF variable is
set, execution branches immediately to the statement specified in the
END modifier. When the READ statement does not include the END modifier
and the internal EOF variable is set, the F6501 error occurs.
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To address this problem, use the PRINT or WRITE statement to send
information to the screen and to reset the internal EOF flag prior to
each READ that may receive the CTRL+Z. Using the graphics function
OUTTEXT to send output to the screen does not clear the internal EOF
does this help?

dpb wrote:
> Tunjang wrote:
> > i had compile and build my program and got no error...when i try to execute
> > file.exe i find out that the run-time error F6501 using Window
> > using Microsoft Fortran Powerstation 4.0..
> If you only get the error number and not the text that is associated
> with it, then you either don't have the full install or are missing an
> environment variable to the text of the error messages. At this point,
> I can no longer recall enough of anything about FPS to even have a
> ghost of a chance of telling you what the files were or what the
> particular evnvironment setup would be, but if you have the original
> distribution, it will include a batch file that will set the
> environment from which you can see what is set and how, and the
> distribution also should include the "readme" and user notes for
> installation...

From: Tunjang on
thanks for all ur comments and suggestions...actually i quite newbie with
fortran but i will try my best to encounter this run-time error...thanks
again all..:)

From: Tunjang on
oohh...actually the run-time error F6501 that i got i because of my data
quantity....the program is aspect to read a lots of data(about 10000 data)
but i only put 365 data...after i put all my data (about 9497 data) i find
out that the run-time error had gone....Tq..:)