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On 6/7/2010 1:10 PM, Ant wrote:
> Hello.
> The PC has a SATA HDD, 512 MB of RAM, DVD-ROM drive, and an ATI Radeon
> 9600 AIW video card. Nothing fancy. ;)
> And yes, it has to be from since my employer says so. :(
> Thank you in advance. :)

CDW definitely isn't offering much for your needs.
( [www_cdw_com] )

Don't bother with page 2, nothing even close there.

I've never heard of "StarTech"

If you are absolutely forced to use CDW, this would be my choice.

That may be overkill, but I key off the "silent" part of the
description, and the connector count should be good.

Hey, it's only $43.99 USD. If the boss says "only CDW", I'm assuming
boss is paying.