From: Henry Markov on
Many of the questions in this NG fit into the following template:

My [boss/teacher] gave me this problem that would be really easy to solve if
I had a clue about VBA programming but I don't. Would someone please send
me a solution?

This makes it difficult for people working at a higher level to cope with
this NG. Also, since from my point of view it is much harder to monitor
posts in the MS forum format (I know there's supposed to be some translator
to NG format), my suggestion is to split this NG into
excel.programming.beginner and excel.programming.advanced forums.

I may sound like a grouchy developer who has been working at the trade for
about 40 years and it's because that is who I am. The NG format has served
me very well during most of that time and I regret to see it disappearing in
many places.