From: Vladimir Jovic on
Chris Nehren wrote:
> On 2010-06-25, Vladimir Jovic scribbled these curious markings:
>> For every normal distro, you just need -lX11. No need for including that
>> path (for compiling or linking).
>> Or am I wrong?
> The whole world is not an i386 Linux box configured just like the one
> you're typing on that has everything crammed into /usr/{include,lib}.
> You are, indeed, quite wrong. FreeBSD is not a 'distro' (for the sake of
> argument I'm going to ignore the fractured forks that don't really
> change anything except for adding some GUI tools), and 'normal' in terms
> of something so fractured and heterogeneous as Linux has no meaning
> whatsoever.
> The *correct* way to do this is with the following:
> headers: pkg-config --cflags x11

This returns empty string.
Any idea why?

> libraries: pkg-config --libs x11

This is ok. Returns -lX11

Here is the complete output :

[vladimir(a)juniper ~]$ pkg-config --cflags x11

[vladimir(a)juniper ~]$ pkg-config --libs x11
From: Alan Curry on
In article <i0ajh4$nhb$1(a)>,
Vladimir Jovic <vladaspams(a)> wrote:
>Chris Nehren wrote:
>> The *correct* way to do this is with the following:
>> headers: pkg-config --cflags x11
>This returns empty string.
>Any idea why?

Because the empty string is exactly the set of arguments you need to add
to your compiler command line for it to find the X11 headers. They're in
the default include path on your system. Or so pkg-config would have us

Alan Curry
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