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On 2/25/2010 11:10 PM PT, Matt Giwer typed:

> Try simply chkconfig for bluetooth and then as root turn it off.

Neat command after installing chkconfig package. I saw a lot of stuff
that were on:

# chkconfig
acpid on
alsa-utils on
and on
apache2 on
apcupsd 12345
arpwatch on
atd on
avahi-daemon on
binfmt-support on
bluetooth on
bootlogd on
bootlogs on on on on
clamav-freshclam on on
console-setup on
cpufreqd on
cpufrequtils on
cron on
cups on
dbus on
denyhosts on
dirmngr on
exim4 on
fuse on
gdm on
gpm on
guarddog on
hal on
hddtemp on
hdparm on on on off on off
ifupdown 0S
ifupdown-clean on
keyboard-setup on on
killprocs on
klogd on
libdevmapper1.02 S
lm-sensors on
loadcpufreq on
module-init-tools on on on on on on on
mountoverflowtmp on on
netdiag on
network-manager on
networking 0S
nfs-common on
ntop 2345
ntp on
openbsd-inetd on
pcscd on
policykit on
portmap 02345S
powernowd on
pppd-dns on
preload on
procps on
rc.local on
rcS off
rmnologin on
rsync on
samba on
screen-cleanup on
sendsigs 0
smartmontools on
ssh on
stop-bootlogd on
stop-bootlogd-single on
stunnel4 on
sudo on
sudo.dpkg-bak off
sysklogd on
sysstat on
udev on
udev-mtab on
umountfs 0 0
umountroot 0
ups-monitor off
urandom 0S
vboxdrv on
vboxnet on
vsftpd on
wifi-radar 2345
wpa-ifupdown 0
x11-common on
yum-updatesd on
zope2.10 on
zope2.9 on
zope3 on

I will have to mess with them since there seems to be a lot of services
to disable that I don't need.
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