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glen herrmannsfeldt expounded in news:hqte3r$et0$5(a)

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> wrote: (snip)
>> Just take any bad quality resistor, zenerdiode, or a number
>> of other electronic components, amplify the noise, and use it
>> with a bit of hardware to produce an endless stream of random
>> numbers. No computers needed.
> Well, you need at least some digital logic to convert it
> into a number. There is a paper by intel on their design for
> a random number generator based on such noise sources.
> -- glen

Sampling speed is another critical factor. If sampling
exceeds the bit flip rate, then it becomes less "random" ;-)

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| In <4bc5a414$0$78577$c30e37c6(a)>, on 04/14/2010
| at 07:32 PM, "robin" <robin51(a)> said:
| >I already pointed out that important algorithms were first written in
| >machine code in the 1950s
| I know what you claimed; you have neither substantiated it nor shown its
| relevance to the points in dispute.

Here's another example.
Don Shell published his algorithm in machine code.
(A High-Speed Sorting Procedure, CACM, July 1959, p. 30-32.)

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"none" <none(a)> wrote in message news:pan.2010.
| On Mon, 05 Apr 2010 13:19:07 +0200, Georg Bauhaus wrote:

| Dismissing Algol as ephemeral ignores its influence and continuing usage
| as a base of pseudo-codes. Important numerical libraries were first
| implemented in ALgol, and later translated to Fortran when Algol's
| momentum faltered.

Here's another example that I came across today:

Don Shell published his algorithm in machine code.
(A High-Speed Sorting Procedure, CACM, July 1959, p. 30-32.)

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"Colin Paul Gloster" <Colin_Paul_Gloster(a)> wrote in message

| I met someone today who described himself as "an ordinary FORTRAN
| programmer" who advocated C for the practical reason that libraries
| are designed for C. He claimed that small tasks are good for multicore
| and large tasks are good for GPUs.

I think you will fnd that libraries are also designed for Fortran.

From: Shmuel Metz on
In <4bed3524$0$67490$c30e37c6(a)>, on 05/14/2010
at 08:50 PM, "robin" <robin51(a)> said:

>Here's another example.


>Don Shell published his algorithm in machine code.

No. Probably CAGE. Possibly SAP. Either you didn't read the article or
you have no idea of what machine code is.

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