From: Hector Santos on
A new update to Wildcat! Live Exchange v1.0e (wcLEX), a new Microsoft
Forums Web to News Reader NNTP Proxy allowing to continue using your
favorite news reader is now available. You may download it from this

Some new features/enhancements, major highlights

- Mime Processing of text attachments shown as text.
Future Ideas coming here.

- [MVP] or [MSFT] display with user name

- RE: prefixing of the subject for threads

- Option to show forum stats at top of message in a user defined
template. Future ideas coming.

- Option to disable/enable NEWGROUPS command which some readers
over use.

- Support for tags [BLOCKQUOTE][/BLOCKQUOTE], [PRE][/PRE]
[CODE][/CODE] to simple including of section blocks that
will not be otherwise escaped.

- New wcLiveExchange.Msforums.DLL handling of integrated service
and live ID operations. The API will be documented soon so
that utilities and other bridge applications can be written
using normal programmer's function calls.

Hector Santos