From: Mr. Arnold on
On 9/2/2010 10:00 PM, JB wrote:
> Hello Community
> IIS is how we deploy an ASP.NET web application.
> The reason I ask that question is because I was told that .exe
> files take up alot of memory when they run and the more times it is
> called by multiple users the more memory it uses which is why
> ClickOnce deployment is preferred over having users run an .exe file.

I never heard about that one, and I don't think that is correct in a
deployment scenario for the pros and cons with an exe application
deployment as opposed to a click once application deployment.

> > If I put the Windows application (.exe) on the web page and allow users
> to access the Windows application by clicking a link on the web
> page that executes a dos batch file that executes the Windows
> application (.exe), if mulitple users access the Windows applicaton (.exe)
> will the Windows application .exe take up alot of memory causing alot of
> problems on the server that the ASP.NET it is called on is running on?
> Thanks
> Jeff

Yeah, that exe is going to be taking up a lot of resources that would
normally be used by Web applications on the Web server. It will also
slow the Web site down if that exe is allow to run too much.

You should consider using some kind of offline processing, directing
the requests to run the exe to another server like an application server
and using some kind of queuing mechanism to queue the requests to run
the exe on another server/machine and not burden the Web server with the
processing requests.