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> C.Joseph Drayton wrote:
> > On 1/10/2010 7:26 PM, Russ SBITS.Biz [SBS-MVP] wrote:
> >> Stop it,
> >> you are making me feel old!
> >> LOL ;)
> >> Russ
> > I hate to tell you this Russ but, if you remember all of that stuff  .. . .
> > YOU ARE OLD!!!!!!
> > Me of course, I am still a kid so I guess I must have read all that
> > stuff somewhere <LOL>.
> > Sincerely,
> > C.Joseph Drayton, Ph.D. AS&T
> LOL.   Let's face it, we must be old!    Not only from remembering all that,
> but from witnessing the "changes" in society.   But that's another (and a
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In 1975 I played a major part in setting up and entering all files,
ledgers etc. for the IBM System/32 and the IBM 3741 Data Station for
our company, learned both machines and ran back and forth between the
two..I was *very* young then so I'm NOT old now! Old is simply a
state of mind, just don't go there! ;-)

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Nobody mention the venerable Heathkit 8080 (my first one), as an option
had a casette interface intended for "massive" storage :) And the
"luxurious" Heathkit "All-In-One" H-89 (my second one) featuring a 2 Mhz
Z-80, full 16 KB memory and 100KB Floppy, running HDOS. I upgraded to
32KB and then 64KB plus 1.2MB Floppy and CP/M. Gee I'm old too! :)

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>>> I'm 54 years old and have been using PC's since they were invented
>> So you started in 1976?
>> By the way, Asus is not a bad brand, it's favored by techies,
>> do-it-yourselves, etc., it's not a "cozy" brand like Apple. Their
>> specialty is bare-bone motherboards for desktops, and sleek laptops with
>> more substance, than appearance.
>> Despite that I'll still buy an HP again, when it's time, for political
>> reasons (too long to explain why).
>> Second, Windows7's been perfect here, as well.
>> I think you were having a bad day/bad luck, and no reason to blame either
>> Asus or Windows7.
>> When you write optical disks e.g. DVDR, be sure to select most
>> conservative settings, without bells& whistles of "life file system", UDF
>> and other invitations for trouble.
>> Choose Mastering, Disk-at-Once, maximum compatibility and don't let it run
>> too clos eot capacity limit, AND make sure long filenames are not nested
>> too deeply inside filetrees., AND make sure your DVD writing software is
>> set up to "verify" disk after writing.
>> It takes a long time even on most pwerful computers, but if you write
>> critical data, time is not the priority. Quality is.
> hi :-) ...can't really remember year - 1st PC was 8086 8mhz with
> 512kb+128kb=640kb ...oh those wonderful days when one fought with
> Quarterdeck to get everything stuffed into that high memory area !
> ..and manually configuring DOS 3.2's himem.sys and emm386.exe etc !
> (extended mem. manager and expanded memory manager etc. !)
> DOS 2.1 and another OS was shipped with it ...until MSDOS won the day !
> Asus x5DIJ looks and feels lovely, and Windows 7 is responsive and lovely
> but, why on earth I'm here at 1:30am still waiting for this "AI Recovery"
> software to produce 4 x DVD's is somewhat disappointing to say the least !
> regards, Richard