From: Bill L Bill on
I am having the same issues. Even after reinstalling them from the CD. They
never show up. Whats going on?

"PT" wrote:

> WinXP Home
> I'm certain theta Windows Update did this to me:
> Immediately after installing the most recent group of WinXP updates, here's
> what's happened
> All the programs in the Windows Accessories and Games
> folders are missing. These include the FreeCell through Spider Solitaire,
> as well as Calculator, WordPad, Paint, HyperTerminal, Clipboard Viewer and a
> few others.
> Following an earlier suggestion, here's what I've tried:
> Method 1
> I click Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs | Add/Remove Windows Components
> Then I uncheck all but "Accessories and Utilities", and click "Details."
> Here's where it gets a little strange. If I check only "Accessories", and
> then "Details", I get a list of missing games, and vice versa. But in
> either case, when I proceed, Setup gives me an error message as follows:
> "Setup cannot copy this file (FreeCell.ex_, for example) in the
> Windows|I386 folder. Put in the Windows CD. I do so, and locate the
> desired file."
> But the message stays there. If I ask Setup to continue, it moves to the
> next file (for example FreeCell.ch_ , but with the same error message.
> Method 2
> I loaded the WinXP-SP2 disk and selected "Install selected windows
> components"
> I then followed the same procedures as above, with the same result.
> I have two CD drives - same problem regardless of which drive I put the SP-2
> disk
> Please advise.
> --
> PT
From: Shenan Stanley on
<Link to entire 3+ year old original posting is inline.>

Bill L wrote:
> I am having the same issues. Even after reinstalling them from the
> CD. They never show up. Whats going on?

Just how certain are you that you are having the same issue?

After all - you just responded to a posting made in January of 2007.

It had no responses.

You have Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 2 just like the origina
poster I assume?

What AntiVirus software do you have?

What antispyware/antimalware software have you used?

Any third party firewall software?

Was your machine *always* lacking these games? If not - when did they
disappear and have you tried using "System Restore" to restore back to a
point before they disappeared?

Are you logged in as the system administrator?

You did this?

Look in ... C:\WINDOWS\system32
- FreeCell is freecell.exe
- Hearts is mshearts.exe
- Minesweeper is winmine.exe
- Solitaire is sol.exe
- Spider Solitaire is spider.exe

Shenan Stanley
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