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On 07/26/2010 11:56 PM, Andy wrote:
> thanks for the tip mine was Enabled by the computer maker i disabled it.

Sorry I wasn't clearer, I think by USB hub they mean one of these:

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On 7/24/2010 2:10 AM, RJK wrote:
> Ooooh! I've got this problem on a PC in my bedroom into which I fitted a
> Hauppage t.v. tuner card. After setting it to record a t.v. program I
> need
> to "hibernate" it, and when I do, I can head the hard-disks park after the
> blue hibernation progress bar completes, and fan speeds decrease but, then
> it fails to power off. But with a PS2 keyboard attached, (instead of my
> wireless one), I press a key on the keyboard and "CLUNK" it powers off
> !!!

This might be worth a try:

"....pariphrial devices are especially notorious for causing the
problems. This is especially true of high end keyboards and mice with
lots of extra features, and of various USB devices. I have even heard of
cases in which USB devices would cause the reboot problem if they were
plugged directly into the system´┐Żs USB port, but the problem would go
away if the devices were plugged into a USB hub instead."


Many thanks, ...just taken a peek at the link, ...lot's of memory joggers
in there, many thanks.
Will be working through it soon !

regards, Richard