From: Deepak on
Mr. Ottmar,

I have a similar situation here. I don't see any iis_ line mentioned in
sysoc.inf file. And I remember my hpdv4 laptop servicing guy used the tool
'nlite' or 'nlyte' to get over with some blue screen error. My problem is,
after a new installtion of the OS - IIS is not listed nowhere to add/install
in my winxp pro sp3 now ?

"Ottmar Freudenberger" wrote:

> "K. Becker" <KBecker(a)> schrieb:
> > Trying to update this Windows XP SP2 box to SP3. Went to the update web site,
> > downloaded OK. During installation, had registry access errors (!) on
> > HKCR\RDSServer.DataFactor.2.8.1 and a couple of related keys. Changed
> > permissions, tried again. No pop-up errors about the registry this time, but
> > XP3 update failed again, error code 0x80070005.
> ->
> doesn't help, both of them?
> > #-198 Command line processed: "C:\WINDOWS\system32\sysocmgr.exe" /y
> > /i:C:\WINDOWS\system32\sysoc.inf
> > #E077 Could not locate a non-empty section [iis_common_install] when
> > calculating disk space in "C:\WINDOWS\INF\iis.inf". Error 0xe0000102: The
> > required line was not found in the INF.
> Do you have manipulated the sysoc.inf either manually or by using
> e.g. nLite to remove some Windows components?
> Bye,
> Freudi