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What virus programs do you run?
"Richard Melville" <r_melville(a)> wrote in message
>I really do know how the shut down features work.
> I have no virus, unless it is a trick virus that ONLY causes the shutdown
> times to fail
> I can set the shutdown for any number of minutes and it ALWAYS works for a
> time or two and sometimes for several days. The problem is that the
> settings will not work for more than a few days at the most, sometimes
> failing in less than a day. I believe that the settings should work
> forever unless I change them.
> One other thing I notice is that Microsoft Updates almost always cause the
> shutdown times to be ignored.
> Notice also, as I posted, the shutdown times displayed in the Power
> Options menu NEVER change. They just don't work. Each time this happens
> (the not working part) I simply reset them to the same values and they
> will work for a while.
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>> Monitor and disk power cannot turn off till the computer is idle for the
>> total time set.
>> I suspect you have a virus program or update program running which would
>> reset
>> the timer for the monitor shutdown. You can monitor by displaying task
>> manager
>> or set the time for a minute or two to see if it always shuts down.