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Todd, just moving from ISAPI to IIS FastCGI cannot start generating PHP error messages. Reason being ISAPI/IIS FastCGI is just a way to hook to PHP interpreter. It is php interpreter which interprets php code. I heard this is a legitimate warning, so there is nothing to worry about. Vendor will only need to modify the function causing warning, nothing else. As Ferenc mentioned your php.ini could have got changed in between installation and hence you are getting warning displayed.

Tommy, what problem are you talking about with phpMyadmin and IIS? I use phpMyadmin with IIS and FastCGI and there are no problem at all. You will need to debug more on HTTP 500 error. See what sub status code you are getting. Details about sub-status is at And here is another link which will help you troubleshoot 500 errors I would love to hear back on how to reproduce this here and if the problem can be reproduced here, we would love to fix it in IIS FastCGI code.

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> > The warning is legitimate, and I will be reporting it to the vendor
> > (and also fixing it myself, as it looks very simple)...but these errors
> > seem to have started upon installing FastCGI. Unless the difference
> > was moving from PHP 5.2.12 -> 5.2.13 ? I could be wrong. The
> > situation is under control, so this just an inquiry rather than a
> > complaint.
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> > Todd
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> The problem is not so much as PHP version upgrade but rather ISAPI >
> FastCGI. Another example of broken app is phpmyadmin. Works fine with
> ISAPI configuration but breaks with FastCGI.
> I don't think so, if the error is present just doesn't displayed in the old
configuration but it does in the new, then I think this is a configuration
issue, and not a SAPI one.

btw: which phpmyadmin version are you using? I did heard of that kind of
report, but last weekend, when I was playing with a windows + apache +
fastcgi + php devel environment I successfuly installed the latest
phpmyadmin without running in any issue.
what are the symptoms, maybe they are IIS only?


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> Tommy
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