From: vipul on

"tinap21" wrote:

> Please help!
> I downloaded SuperAntiSpyware on my home computer last night. After it ran
> its test, it asked that I restart my computer to get rid of the viruses. Once
> my computer restarted, I was unable to get into any files, programs, or
> Internet Explorer! I kept receiving the error message "Windows cannot access
> the specified device, path or file..."
> I did my research on the internet on another computer to find out how to get
> rid of this message and everyone says that I need to uninstall Internet
> Explorer enhanced Security Configuration but the problem is, I CANNOT click
> on Add/remove programs in the control pannel because I receive the same error
> message nor can I get into my security center!! I also can't get into
> Internet Explorer and go through the tools>internet options>security to fix
> this problem.
> I really do not know much about computers so please someone help!
> Thanks!