From: windovs on

"Kurt" wrote:

> I can't update windows in Vista. I get the following errors message:
> "WindowsUpdate_80070426" "WindowsUpdate_dt000". Can anyone help?
From: Gail on
Did you ever fix your problem with windows update! I cant believe this has
been going on for so long. I only just found out I cant update and half my
services dont work. Dell were quite happy to take my money in October 2008
when I purchased my laptop vista ultimate which cost a fortune. They must
have known about this.
I dont know what to do and am dispairing over the whole thing { what a joke
} except im not laughing. I wish I had never bothered with the poxy thing?
should have bought a mac.

"Brendon B" wrote:

> When i try and run windows update in Vista I get the following:
> Windows could not search for new updates
> Error(s) found:
> Code 80080005 Get help
> The "Get Help" resolutions have not fixed the problems.
> Thanks
> Regards
> Brendon