From: Didymos on
I installed the Word docx plugin last year.

"No Mo" wrote:

> Do you have the MS Office or Word converter installed?
> "Didymos" <didymos(a)> wrote in message
> news:00DECB00-5D82-4237-A7F5-2DDD6C5C29C8(a)
> : When I use Windows updates it tries to download updates for versions of
> : programs that are newer than the versions I have. For example, I have Word
> : 2002 but Windows Updates keeps insisting that I should download updates
> for
> : Windows 2007. If I accepted such a download would it cause no problems or
> : could it, for example, replace one of my Word 2002 files by a Word 2007
> file
> : of the same name and cause my copy of Word to malfunction?
> .
From: Shenan Stanley on
Didymos wrote:
> I installed the Word docx plugin last year.

So you *need* the update *for the product indicated*.

Shenan Stanley
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