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> "Lou Ingwersen" wrote:
>> Peter, My CD reader reads other CDs correctly so I think the driver is
>> working from that standpoint. I would make a copy of the XPpro CD if I could
>> get other PCs to read it. I will try that route. Thanks for the suggestions.
>> --Lou
> Download and install ISO Recorder. Use ISO Recorder to make a copy of your
> XP install CD. If ISO Recorder cannot copy the disk, or if the CD drive
> cannot read the copy, I would suspect there is a problem with your CD drive.
> It might be time to start shopping for a new one.

Another possible culprit is copy protection drivers that are sometimes
installed by games. These drivers interfere with normal CD/DVD drive
operation (Starforce and Securom come to mind but there are others
like older versions of Roxio), and a few remain installed even after the
games themselves are uninstalled.

That said, if device manager and the registry looks good, try another

>> > "Lou Ingwersen" <lii(a)> wrote in message
>> > news:Ozxlsuz1KHA.5880(a)TK2MSFTNGP05.phx.gbl...
>> >>I have a licensed OEM MSWindowsXPpro SP1 CD that I used to get on
>> >>WindowsXPpro and after upgrading to SP3 and all the security patches, my
>> >>system is not reading the old SP1 CD. I have had this problem for a number
>> >>of years and have search everywhere I could possibly search, but to no
>> >>avail. The same problem happened with my OfficeXPpro CD as well. I put it
>> >>in the drive and the system just keeps blinking the read lamp on my CD
>> >>drive but nother seems to happen. Any ideas what changed in later service
>> >>packs that could have caused this to happen?
>> >> Thanks,
>> >> --Lou
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